Stakeholder Relations

Long term business success through sustainable stakeholder relationships

Sheppard Earthmoving realises that the quality of relationships that we have with our employees and other key stakeholders—such as customers, suppliers, government and communities—is crucial to our success, as is our ability to respond to competitive conditions and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We are committed to promoting social responsibility in both strategy and daily operations, which will help improve the well-being of people, promote the economic and social development of the communities in which we have a presence, and create sustainable value for our stakeholders. Key to achieving this, is the need to engage our stakeholders in an open dialogue, to deepen our understanding of what our stakeholders expect of us, to communicate with them on how we are responding to their priorities and concerns, and to remain in compliance with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behaviour.

Our key stakeholders include, but are not limited to: customers, suppliers, employees, communities, partners, government and other businesses.

  • Strong relationships lie at the heart of Sheppard Earthmoving’s interactions with our customers. We build and maintain those relationships by being versatile when it comes to budgeting, scheduling, and planning, while being responsive and communicative throughout the life cycle of a project. We strongly believe that integrity in dealings with customers is a prerequisite for successful and sustained business relationships.

    Exceeding our customers’ expectations is a commitment which goes beyond providing consistent quality and reliability to delivering lasting value through progressive and sustainable outcomes. Sheppard Earthmoving delivers exceptional service to all customers and we embrace the highest levels of corporate governance and ethical standards to achieve it.

    We operate a highly effective and efficient business, focused on meeting and exceeding customers’ objectives. We aim to provide products and services which give fair value, consistent quality, reliability and safety in return for fair reward. We operate policies of continual improvement, of both processes and skills of our employees, and to take best advantage of advances in technology. This safeguards our operations for the future, and ensures that we continue to add value to our customers’ business needs.

    This is underpinned by a consistent approach to the way we conduct our work. To cater for the wide variety of work we do, we aim for a balance between flexibility in the way we operate, and tight control to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

    We have clear and strong lines of communication which allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to customers and market requirements, and our customers receive a consistent service. Our services and delivery capability are aligned in order to ensure that we can successfully and consistently deliver what we promise.

    Our website includes a Support Centre as a central point for our customers to quickly locate relevant and information, documents and forms.

    Customer feedback is very important to us and our commitment to continual improvement. We want to know whether our services are meeting our customers’ needs and being delivered effectively. We welcome customer comments, compliments and complaints as they help us to improve our service via our Submit Feedback form or we welcome your call if you would prefer to Contact Us directly to discuss.

  • Here at Sheppard Earthmoving we believe in having the best partners in the industry – we know it’s the only way to deliver the best customer experience and outcomes. We care about who we partner with, which starts with understanding one another’s vision, goals and culture. We actively seek partnerships based on open, transparent communication, with the aim of being responsible, respected and welcomed, everywhere we do business.

    Through fostering strong partnerships we are able to contribute to creating a sustainable future by addressing the broader social, economic and environmental challenges together. If you’re interested in being a part of our extended team, please Contact Us.

  • Sheppard Earthmoving’s suppliers are important business partners. We work closely with our suppliers to develop co-operative, effective relationships which ensure a high quality, cost effective and timely service for our customers.

    We use a fair, impartial and transparent processes in the evaluation and selection of our suppliers as well as our business transactions with them, promoting responsible and sustainable business practices. As well as maintaining close communication in our day-to-day dealings, we also encourage feedback and listen to our suppliers’ ideas and input when checking and improving our business practices from an external perspective. We induct, support and develop our contractors via a bespoke Contractor Sustainability Management System (link to 9 Contractor Sustainability Management System) to ensure they deliver safe, effective services and have access to everything they need, on-site, anywhere, any time.

    To ensure that suppliers conduct business with a high degree of integrity and in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, all of our suppliers are expected to adhere to the Sheppard Earthmoving Supplier Code of Conduct.

    If you would like to enquire about becoming a supplier to Sheppard Earthmoving, please see Become a Supplier.

  • Based in the Toowoomba Region of South East Queensland, Sheppard Earthmoving is committed to the economic and social support and contribution to the communities in which we operate, now and into the future. This includes sourcing from local suppliers where possible.

    Our goal is to be a responsible corporate entity with a true social conscience and cultivate strong lasting relationships with our employees, our customers, other stakeholders and communities at large. Our approach is based on a premise that individual development enhances community capacity. In short, empowering people to achieve what they believe they cannot.

    The principles that guide our engagement with our communities include:

    • identifying and respectfully responding to the cultural values, traditions and beliefs of the communities;
    • being open and transparent in all dealings with communities and in describing and explaining potential social and environmental impacts that might occur;
    • committing to developing long term partnerships that are mutually beneficial;
    • working to apply internationally recognised principles of best practice; and
    • adhering at all times to the local laws and regulations of the community in which we operate.

    With a goal of sustainable improvement, we are focused on contributing to innovative projects and initiatives that leave a positive legacy in our communities. We do this through:

    • supporting local social or community events;
    • supporting community events in which Sheppard Earthmoving employees are engaged;
    • helping to protect and preserve the local environment;
    • encouraging employee engagement in local social or community events.
  • Governments create and enforce the regulatory frameworks that ensures safe economic development and protects vulnerable resources. Constructive relationships with government departments and regulators are of paramount importance to Sheppard Earthmoving, as we cannot claim to be legitimate or socially relevant if we do not understand and meet the expectations of regulators.

  • At Sheppard Earthmoving, we believe our people are at the heart of our solutions and responsible for the continued growth and success of our business. Delivering sustainable growth is only achieved through the efforts of a talented and committed workforce. We provide our people with the leadership, rewards, feedback and training needed to reach their potential. We believe that it is not only an investment in their future and but ours too.

    Our culture encourages our people to reach their full potential through respect, fairness, opportunity and innovation.
    We believe that every employee should have the tools, support and opportunities to reach their individual potential and as such we have created an employee ‘intranet’. The intranet or the Employee - Sustainability Management System ensures our people receive consistent, reliable, up-to-date information and training in a readily accessible online environment.

    Our business is our people. Their future is our future.

    We are an Employer of Choice

    Sheppard Earthmoving is a great place to work! We have a range of strategies in place to enact this promise and recruit and retain a highly committed and talented workforce. Our employees choose to stay with us - which enables us to provide premier quality services to our customers.

    We believe in good communication. We encourage the open exchange of ideas and the sharing of best practices among our people to promote exceptional performance. We publish a regular safety newsletter for our people to ensure they are connected to the latest updates.

    We work hard as a team to foster a culture that embraces sustaining a level of commitment that allows us to not only achieve our goals but surpass them. We regularly seek feedback from our people on how they feel about working at Sheppard Earthmoving. This is to determine whether we have the constructive culture we want to offer, and to identify ways to create a better working environment by highlighting areas where people are satisfied and areas which need more focus.

    We are a Fair, Inclusive and Diverse Employer

    Our definition of diversity includes all those things that make each of us unique individuals. Our backgrounds, opinions, experiences, perspectives and life situations are just some of the distinctions we bring to the workplace. At Sheppard Earthmoving, our diverse and inclusive environment fosters skilled and motivated people working together to drive business results.

    We promote equal employment opportunity (EEO) to ensure that our employees enjoy a harmonious work environment that is free from harassment, bullying and discrimination.

    Our ability to recruit and retain high quality people who align with our core values is essential for ensuring a sustainable business, and we are committed to ensuring that all employees are treated fairly, equally and with respect. When employment decisions are made, they are based on merit. As part of our commitment to diversity, we take an inclusive and flexible approach to employment. We take positive steps to ensure that job satisfaction and the potential to develop in the workplace are not related to gender identity and expression, age, ethnicity, religious belief, marital status, sexual preference, family responsibilities or employment status.

    Providing an environment in which employees are valued and can achieve their professional and personal goals is one of our most important priorities. We recognise that each person has unique strengths. And by embracing those strengths, we all deliver high performance, together.

    We are committed to the Safety and Wellbeing of our People

    The safety and wellbeing of our people and their families is our first priority. We are committed to ensuring a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment from which our people return home safely every day. Over the years we’ve fostered a robust approach to developing a strong safety culture; our people are empowered to raise issues before there is potential for an incident.

    Our vibrant and inclusive workplace culture forms the basis of the happiness and wellbeing of our people at work, who show care and respect for each other in an environment based on teamwork and shared values. We recognise that our people are more engaged, innovative and productive when their mental and physical wellbeing are in check.

    We Invest in Our People for High Performance

    Sheppard Earthmoving strives to sustain a culture of performance – a culture enabling us to “raise the bar” and ensure sustained business success. We are committed to providing our people opportunities to grow and realise their full potential, and to create a supportive environment of continuous performance improvement and personal development.
    We offer all our people access to a range of training and development, aligned with their role and personal development needs, as well as the transfer of best practices, corporate knowledge and expertise across our business. We place emphasis on certified courses which are recognised, as well as support for more informal, self-paced training to provide flexibility and improve learning outcomes. Some of our initiatives include:

    • Induction - Our comprehensive on-boarding experience provides a uniform corporate message to our new employees. It is designed to enhance the new employee’s understanding of the business leading to knowledge of our philosophy and foster a sense of belonging and commitment to our goals.
    • Performance Review and Development Program – We set clear goals and expectations within the business to maximise success, identifying training and development opportunities against job specific requirements to enhance career development.
    • Mentoring – Our mentoring culture means managers and colleagues openly share their knowledge and experience leading to high performing individuals and career progression.
    • Idea Share Exchange – We capture the creativity of employees to grow the business and encourage innovative thinking.

    Our initiatives are supported by the Employee - Sustainability Management System which ensures our people receive consistent, reliable, up-to-date information and training in a readily accessible online environment.

    We Recognise and Reward Our People

    Sheppard Earthmoving believes in recognising and rewarding our people for their contribution to the business to reinforce a culture of high performance. We’re very driven and we set high expectations, as do our clients and stakeholders. This means we expect performance and results, but provide the recognition and sense of achievement to go with it.

    We offer a competitive range of compensation packages that are dedicated to ‘giving a bit back’ to our employees as a way of illustrating how much our people mean to our business. From discounts and special offers, social events, tenure recognition and salary sacrificing options, we believe that employees should be rewarded for contributing to the success of our business.

    We look to recruit the very best people and we have a strong track record in growing our own talent. The attractive pay and benefits are only part of the story. So, if you are a ‘can-do’ person, share our values, have talent and drive, enjoy working with people who are practical, put your safety first, and truly believe every customer matters, then you’ll fit right in and we’d like to have you on our team.