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Vacuum (Non-Destructive) Excavation Services

Vacuum Excavation is the generally accepted best practice in site investigation, general construction and remediation works and the preferred practice on sensitive, safety aware industrial facilities such as refineries, chemical manufacturing and power and utilities facilities. Using this non-destructive technology we can quickly, safely and economically provide a solution to all your onsite soft excavation, clean-up and digging jobs, while minimising impact to the streetscape, reducing disruption to surface activities and increasing the progress rate of an excavation program.

    • Potholing (Utility identification/avoidance);
    • Repair work/excavation in confined spaces and congested areas;
    • Post-hole digging in heavily serviced areas/electrical sub stations/light pole footings;
    • Line location, installation and repair for utilities and pipelines (gas/water/electric/fibre optic cables);
    • Trial pits around building/structure foundations for investigation/repair purposes;
    • Sewer and pipe rehabilitation;
    • Telecommunications maintenance and repair;
    • Slot trenching/directional drilling;
    • Waterline maintenance and repair/catchment cleaning;
    • Pit and conduit cleaning;
    • Sign and pole installation;
    • Parklands landscaping (i.e., digging holes for new trees and shrubs/excavation around tree roots to avoid damage);
    • Work in rail corridors/removing contaminated soils/removal of railway ballast to enable access to underlying soils/structures;
    • Cleaning out metre/valve boxes/manholes/hydrants;
    • Site clean up.
    • It provides asset protection through non-destructive locating of underground utilities/services;
    • It allows identification of services without making physical contact with them, avoiding service strikes and vastly improving safety and reducing personnel/public injuries;
    • Precision digging reduces size of excavation, environmental impacts and restoration costs;
    • Excavation can occur in areas otherwise inaccessible by traditional machinery;
    • Excavation has minimal impact on surface activities and traffic flows;
    • It increases productivity – speeds excavation by identifying the exact location and depth and can be done in all weather;
    • Exact utility locating can reduce change orders, claims for delay and prevent costly downtime;
    • It is a faster, more efficient and cost effective method than manual/hand excavation;
    • Excavated spoil is removed from the area, leaving cleaner work sites/roads/footpaths;
    • It avoids costs and inconvenience of interrupted utility services.
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