Welcome to Sheppard Earthmoving

At Sheppard Earthmoving, we pride ourselves on offering services that are safe, reliable, value for money and customised to your individual requirements. Working in partnership with our clients from private and public heavy construction projects, we are able to offer the following tailored solutions.

Our Capabilities

  • Experience in all aspects of bulk and detailed earthworks; site preparation and development; and detailed excavation.
  • Bush, land/site clearing and levelling; bulk and detailed earthworks and site preparation for urban development/commercial lots and subdivisions; dams; bunds; local access roads; driveways construction and refurbishments; trenching and drainage; public amenities  such as car parking, kerbing/footpaths/pavement works, parks, lakes, playing fields and cycle ways.

  • Site preparation; landscaping and site clean-ups; bulk and detailed earthworks; roads; services; foundations; structural pads; site shaping; heavy duty pavements; carpark repairs and building; construction for commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Major highway, roads, bridges and tunnels; residential and local access road upgrade/modification and construction; terraces and platforms; rail line ground preparation, level crossing upgrades, track laying and sleeper replacement.

  • Sewer, drainage, culverts, piping and stormwater/soak wells infrastructure to subdivisions, housing developments, industrial, council and water authority projects.

  • Vacuum excavation; bulk excavation; jetting and cleaning out, boring and installing underground pipe, conduits or cables for utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewer, stormwater and telecommunications) supply to industrial, council and commercial standards.

  • Earthworks, clay cores, batter protection, spillways and liners for large water and tailing dams to small turnkey nests.

  • Site clean-ups; landscaping, earthmoving and trench digging; ground dewatering; river bank stabilisation, protection and rehabilitation; bulk excavation including excavation, backfill and compaction; flood protection systems and levy works: landfill leachate collection systems; rock fall netting; stock pile handling and disposal; stream diversion; liner installations; clay capping; topsoil; various batter protection systems rock breaking; cut and fill; environmental remediation including disposal of contaminated materials and controlled waste; wastewater treatment plants; breakwater construction and repair, bulk sand supply; environmental dam construction and repair, flood gates; piling and ground retention structures, reclamation earthworks; wetlands development; site preparation, development and earthworks for new, upgrading and rehabilitation projects.

  • Dust suppression and spillage services; transport of materials to site including, fill, aggregates, rocks, sand and soil; removal of unwanted materials from site including spoil and demolition waste; and removal of contaminated waste.

Our Certifications

We have developed and implemented Sheppard Earthmoving’s Sustainability Management System (SMS). The Sustainability Management System is based on the Sustainability (ISO 26000), Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (AS 4801) standards, best practices, international protocols and guides. We shall be seeking certification for the Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety (QEHS)  Management Systems in the near future.